Navigating the Manchester Art Scene - Press Release


The Doorstep Collective
Cornerhouse Projects
Friday 13 April 2007 - Sunday 2007

Cornerhouse Projects presents Navigating the Manchester Art Scene
. This is a conceptual and interactive exhibition initiating investigation into Manchester's cultural networks.

Navigating the Manchester Art Scene asks Cornerhouse visitors to think about the existence of a cultural network in the city. This network could be made up of any number of creative spaces. For example, art galleries, an individual's studio, libararies and theatres. When walking around the city are we aware of this network that we are participating and existing in? What is this network and crucially, whatis our role within it?

Navigating the Manchester Art Scene will create a visual representation of this network in the form of a mind-map on the walls of the Cornerhouse. Visitors to Cornerhouse will be asked to contribute to this mapped network by thinking about the creative spaces that they visit, their navigation around these and what they understand a creative space to be. By enabling the visitor to place themselves in this centre of this maze of connections, links and sites, the exhibition will initiate investigation and debate into Manchester's cultural networks and everyone's personal roles within it.

Doorstep Collective is an interdisciplinary arts collective focused on promoting a more active engagement with the creative resources in the city. We believe that every individual's creative space is as valid as that displayed through an institution and our project will attempt to provide a new way of addressing these spaces.

Doorstep Collective has been set up by four recent postgraduates in the fields of arts and humanuities and Navigating the Manchester Art Scene will be our first public project.