Doorstep goes Futuresonic!

New Doorstep event as part of Futuresonic 2008!

Doorstep Collective presents:

iWalk: A Soundtrack for a city on the move.....
Monday May 5th, starts 1.30pm at Bridgewater Hall.

Join Doorstep Collective in an attack on the iPod culture! Pick tracks from an archive of tunes from Manchester iPod users, grab a stereo, and perform the iWalk - a collective soundtrack
- on - the - move for Manchester.

Doorstep have been busy on the streets of Manchester stopping all you iPod users and collecting your tunes! Spreading ourselves around the city we've covered the city centre, building an archive of your tracks to form a collective soundtrack for the city!

We want to combat the isolationism of iPod culture by playing out a collective soundtrack of the city.......

iWalk allows you to take part in a collective performance - As we walk around the city everyday we all have a routine.... same route to work, iPod on - its just so singular! We want to unite all iPod users with the new iWalk - all you have to do is a grab a stereo and join in our march around the city!
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Check it out - its gonna be ace!!

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